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Welcome to PRAB The Yak Facts. Our goal is to inform our audience by using fact-based content.

A Little Bio on Our Administration

My name at birth was Princess Rachel Angelica Beanum.  I changed my name in 1999.  My name now is Kalaya, not to be mistaken with the Hebrew word Kaleigha (which means insignificant). My name’s meaning is different, it means a semi-precious gem, a jewel.

I was raised differently than most people. I have two mothers and two fathers. One set of parents are biological and the other set is my aunt and my uncle which are my foster parents. I also have had several foster families as well. One, in particular, practiced Ayurveda practices. He taught me his way of making ghee amongst other things.

If you are wondering what Ayurveda practices are, they are a science of life or living. The main practice as my foster father taught me is summed up in one phrase, “DO NO HARM!” Obviously living in his home was very peaceful and a spiritually based environment.

I was injured in an auto accident and have found myself gravitating towards some Ayurveda healing practices in order to not be subject to western medical drugs for pain relief. Don’t get me wrong, when I need acetaminophen to bring my pain level to a tolerable level, I take it. Also, when I have an infection I see my doctor who prescribes an antibiotic.


My goal is to help people find facts and not just base their decisions on the latest fad or trend. In my 50 years of life experience, people cater to the latest fad or trend. I want to help people make INFORMED DECISIONS, and not just decisions based on a whim or because so-and-so says I really should try this.


Our goal is to bring you facts in order for you to make informed decisions.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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