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What The What?

At a family gathering last year, my sister (who has worked at a McDonald’s) tells my mom (who has worked at a McDonald’s) that she read an article online about McDonald’s Hamburgers and Chicken Nuggets. I sat listening to the conversation intently (as I too have briefly worked at a McDonald’s). She started out by saying that the article of the topic said that MickeyD’s hamburgers were made from yoga mats.


She then continued to say that they also stated that the chicken nuggets were yoga mats.


Well, having had three persons from the same family that worked at the same MickeyD’s, I was puzzled. I wondered where in the “Bleeping Bleep” did these people pick up their MickeyD’s hamburger and chicken nuggets. I could figure out how a 1/3 pound, 100% USDA inspected and approved Grade A Beef, burger be construed in someone’s, ULTIMATELY disturbed, mind. But, a chicken nugget to be construed as a yoga mat, that’s beyond ULTIMATELY disturbed.

In all my time at MickeyD’s, never had I seen a single box of MEAT be moved into the freezer or for that matter the franchise (all 3 of us worked for) that was not labeled USDA approved and Inspected. I began wondering also about the integrity of the individual that published this DISTURBED version of A REALITY (at least to them).

However, in the real world, things are not even remotely that individual’s version of reality. I began to wonder if that person were dropped on their head at birth or maybe they were writing from inside an insane asylum. Question is, how did they get access to a computer if they were in an insane asylum?

I told my sister, after thinking in length about how either could possibly be construed as a yoga mat, “I can see how a person might mistake a burger as a yoga mat based solely on the look of the texture of the meat, but beyond that, I have no clue.”

Alex Trebek — What Is Texture?

I realize that, to most people — that NEVER COOK BUT EAT OUT ALL THE TIME BECAUSE THEY WOULD BURN WATER IF THEY TRIED TO COOK, significance to texture is a means of living. I know I can’t eat some foods because of the texture being unpalatable. For instance, I used to be able to eat escargot, but you put that in front of me today I might regurgitate. The thing about escargot is if cooked wrong it is like chewing on a non-digestible piece of rubber.

One thing that I have been certain to do with my youngest child is to help her to experience new flavors and new tastes. Most new moms know, you NEVER start a baby out on SOLIDS. There are too many issues with choking hazards. When a child is old enough to BEGIN to try new foods other than milk, the main food given is finely ground cereal and pureed foods. We are also only supposed to introduce one food at a time to their diets. This is in case of an allergic reaction the mother will be able to tell the pediatrician what was recently introduced.

I think we get our likes or dislikes of textures as we grow. For instance, my mom could never get me to stop sucking on my satin edged blanket when I was little. The reason why I simply liked the smooth texture of the fabric and how it felt. Also, upon meeting new people, they would (before the doctors decided that you shouldn’t) kiss me. I began to learn, which people were drunk when they kissed me as an infant, which people had smoked or were smoking, as well as which people ate something sweet, etc.

The point is, the texture is a learning process and not just when we were children. We as adults can learn new textures in many forms. There are visual textures that please the eye.photo by Peter Clarkson used with permission from Wealthy Affiliate There are malleable textures such as the photo to the right. These textures you can both view and feel tactility. There are numerous variations of texture.

Food textures vary on substance, grain, as well as the various textures of smooth. Flavors, on the other hand, are tongue to brain registration. Since there are various receptors on the tongue for various different tastes, all of these need to be tantalized and satisfied at various times. For instance, when you get a craving for sweets, that isn’t necessarily a diet obsession. It may simply be that your taste buds or taste receptors in this area are being neglected. Craving salt would be our brain telling us that our salt receptors on our tongue are being neglected. You don’t have to overindulge to satisfy these receptors.

How do we stop this trend of liars and scam artists?

In my experience, the best way to stop the mayhem of these people is to CONFRONT their audience with truth and let their audience be the judge.

As I was growing up, I had people that I associated with, people that I was friends with, and people that I wouldn’t come near with a 10ft pole.

The people that are producing these blatant lies are those little conspiracy folks.  They are the ones that pluck their own pubic hairs in a restaurant and place them in the food.  They do this just to complain to the restaurant manager and ask for their money back, or dine and dash. Lucky for me, these are the people that I wouldn’t come near with a 10ft pole.

When we put things in perspective, those are the people that we can classify as toxic, and not just to us but also to themselves.

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