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Power In Words | Dealing With Negative Thoughts

My teenage daughter is constantly putting herself down and saying negative things about herself.  She says that she is constantly bullied by people at school.  I always tell her that there is power in words.

Every time she starts to say negative things about herself, I stop her.  She gets angry that I interrupt her negative verbal self-talk.  I just explain to her over and over that it’s not healthy.

I’ve offered her positive affirmations and she keeps telling me that she doesn’t believe in “that stuff”.

I’ve also shown her videos about the effect that negativity has on water, with Dr. Masaru Emoto’s videos.  She complains that she’s bored and I drop the subject.

There is hope for her yet!

Studies Show Proof Of How Words Affect Us

 According to scientific evidence-based studies, as seen in the video above, words affect us.  This evidence is based on the fact that our bodies are 60% water.  Yes, we are not just carbon-based people.

The effects of words can be very horrific as seen with the negative words that children often spew on the playground as they are playing, and not taking into consideration that those words can have an impact on the psyche of others.

We try to teach our children to play nice with others and try to teach them that some words are harmful.  Needless to say, when out of our care, they often revert to doing what their friends on the playground are doing and as stated earlier take no thought as to the possible emotional scars that are developing in others.

While growing up, we were never exposed to the types of studies that Dr. Masaru Emoto has performed as seen above.  Sure we had psychologists reminding our parents via television broadcasts or special documentaries of the effects of not training a child right.

But as we move into the computer age and find the millennials seeking their fortune, we find less value being placed on the psyche’s well-being.

We find that negative thoughts flood the minds of both the millennials and the offspring that follows.  When we were children in the 60s through the 70s, we were more conscious of the effects that words had on ourselves as well as those around us.

We sought gurus that could help us rid ourselves of these negative thoughts.  We were given positive affirmations to change the negative and structure our thinking around the positive affirmations.  These affirmations are still available to people today.

People still seeking their fortunes may find these affirmations helpful even today.  There are books on affirmations for all types of problems.  Affirmations are KEY to eliminating the negative thoughts that lead to negative actions or self-sabotage.   

The evidence shows there is power in words.

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