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Yin & Yang – Concept Misconception:Alexas_Fotos

Most people believe that Yin & Yang is a representation of positive and negative. However, this is a misconception, because it is neither positive nor negative.

The easiest way to explain this universal concept is by the sun & the moon & a river.

Sun & Moon Explanation:

Our planet has both the sun and the moon as sources of light. The light we have during the day allows us to do so much more than the light by night. It is bright enough to warm our planet during the day. If it weren’t for the sun, our planet would be one massive ice cube.

The moon is a light reflector. It reflects the sun’s light & keeps the planet from getting too cold at night. Yes, the moon reflects the light, but it’s not as bright as the sun on its own.

Without the moon, our planet would be colder on the side without the sun, much colder. The moon also has phases that it cycles through. These phases were designed in a way that allowed Native Americans and ancient cultures to study them.Hans

As they were studied, they learned that they could record the passage of time. Each phase in a moon cycle represented a lunar month. They were also able to record seasons on sun cycles and celestial cycles.

As these night and day cycles progressed, the ancients were able to record both time and space. New celestial bodies were discovered and recorded. Advancements in recording these new celestial bodies bring us to today. We are still recording both time and space.

Yin & Yang explained as River:

Most people still have a misconception about Yin and Yang. They often times classify it as give and take, or positive and negative. They also compare it to male and female energies. I will explain more about these misconceptions.Artem Beliaikin

By now, you should be able to understand that without the sun we would not have light by day nor light by night. You should also understand that without the sun our planet would be an iceberg floating around in space.

By explaining the concept of river as yin and yang, you should be able to understand why give and take as well as male energy and female energy are both misconceptions.

If you read my article on Ghee and the nadi (vein) in the Yak or humpback cows being the sacred cows of choice the yin and yang will start to make sense.

I will recap for those of you that did not read my Ghee article and then move on to explaining river as yin yang.Gordon Lau

The Yak or humpbacked cows absorb the universe’s energy both day and night. Neither are positive nor negative. The sun is a celestial body or force that produces light and the moon is one that reflects the sun’s light as previously stated.

So, the sacred cows are absorbing the SAME universal energy in the reflected form at night and the sun’s non-reflected energy by day.

However, at night more celestial bodies appear and overall universal energy is absorbed. So, during the day would be concentrated and specific energy and at night it would be fuller universal energy absorbed by the cows.

Moving on to the River explanation:

The last scenario to explain this concept of river as yin and yang would be a fisherman. The fisherman’s goal is to catch fish.

If the fisherman’s goal is to catch fish, which we will represent as the cows’ absorption of universal energy, and he stands with his net and net pole facing downstream he may not catch the fish during certain times of year.

If the fish are swimming upstream, he may have a better chance of seeing them and scooping them into his net.

Now, fish don’t swim upstream all year long. When they are swimming upstream it is during their spawning season and they go to lay eggs where they themselves hatched.

If the fisherman positions himself in the river based on the season of the fish (like the sun causes seasons with the earth’s position during the sun cycles), he stands a better chance of catching the fish with his net.

The fisherman catching the fish in his net is like the sacred cows’ absorption of universal energy. There isn’t any positive or negative in this universal flow.

Obviously, if the fisherman faces the opposite way of the flow he may catch fish still, just not as easily.

Gabriel Matula

I found a “mind control” product online. I don’t necessarily believe in “mind control” per sae. However, I believe in the power of the Laws of Attraction, which are universal energy fluxes and flows.

If you look at the sacred cows, for instance, you can see that they absorb the sun’s light both by day and by the moon’s reflection of the sun at night.

The Laws of attraction are a part of this universal energy absorption. It is a constant. Now, if you find yourself attracting the wrong things or the “wrong energies”, then maybe you are being the fisherman facing the wrong direction.

If you still prefer the thought of mind control, let me explain to you why I don’t believe in it. Mind control is a manipulation of your chi, Qi, Kundalini energies. It’s a focusing of this energy to get what you want from another person or group of people.

This can be construed as negative; however, it can also be used positively. Therefore, it is neither positive nor negative.

It is, however, as the concentration of sunlight during the day and when not in use it is like the universal energies the sacred cows absorb by night.

If you would prefer the Laws of Attraction versus the “mind control”, then click the linked phrases based on the Laws of Attraction.

However, if you prefer the misconceptualized version of this, I have linked the product to the phrase “mind control”. It is a “Black Ops” conception and it’s yours to decide which one you prefer.

I can only give you my opinion on the two based in facts and not just a hyped sense you’re delving into some dark side of something. But as I’ve said, it’s your decision. Just remember this concept:

The Sun is concentrated universal energy flow and the nighttime celestial bodies and Moon’s reflection of Sun are all universal energy flow, the Yin and Yang.

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